What’s involved? - The process

My personal research has shown me that there is limited scientific evidence from clinical trials to suggest that a single method alone will significantly increase your chances of getting pregnant.

However, what I have discovered is that there are numerous factors that, while not directly linked to fertility, can be beneficial in addressing and mitigating oxidative stress within our bodies.

During my own journey to conceive, I followed the advice found on the web, only to encounter a multitude of conflicting information. As a result, I began customising my own fertility diet, with an emphasis on gut health, while still ensuring it was palatable and enjoyable.

Supplements are integral in achieving balance within a fertility-focused diet.

While some well-known supplements are recognised for their fertility-enhancing properties, I also wish to introduce you to alternative supplements that may not be as widely discussed, but that, in my view, can contribute to your conception journey. These alternatives are aimed at addressing issues like inflammation, hormonal imbalances, and oxidative stress. I’ll assess your unique needs and recommend supplements tailored to your specific condition.

Oxidative stress is acknowledged for its potential to induce DNA damage, which, in turn, may impact various facets of fertility, including follicular growth, egg development, egg quality, fertilisation rates, and miscarriage risk. My approach extends beyond fertility alone; I also strive to enhance your overall well-being, which includes optimising gut health, taking you one step closer to achieving your goal of starting a family.

If we work together, I will commence with a comprehensive assessment of your menstrual cycle, and if you’ve been tracking it through an app, we’ll include that data in our analysis. Subsequently, I’ll conduct a thorough lifestyle and dietary audit, offer guidance on identifying your fertile windows, and evaluate your kitchen inventory with a focus on enhancing your mitochondria (which provides energy for better egg quality) and addressing epigenetics (how behavior and environment influence your genetic functioning).

Together, we’ll craft meal plans that not only promote your fertility but also delight your taste buds. My goal is to facilitate your adjustment to these changes in a way that feels manageable and sustainable, eliminating the sense of a daunting challenge.

Through the incorporation of a nutritious diet, strategic supplements, and continuous support via WhatsApp, my utmost dedication is to assist you in fostering the development of healthy eggs, increasing your chances of a successful pregnancy.

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