1. How will you help me?
Initially I’ll do a pre-assessment of your current situation, listen to your story and honestly tell you whether I can help or not. If we decide to work together I won’t categorise you into a plan or a package programme. I will try everything that has evidence based research to increase your chances to get pregnant. Initially I’ll look into the six fertility nutrition principles where we will touch on reproductive ageing, inflammation, hormonal imbalance, environmental assault, body weight and epigenetics and gut alterations. Once all of that is audited, I will help you build a plan of action that we’ll see through together. The plan is tailored to your needs and if something doesn’t work, I’ll come up with something else that you can easily implement into your lifestyle. I’ll be here to see you make it through. To make sure you don’t give up and to help you get where you want in the quickest possible way.
2. How much do you charge?

I offer a straightforward pricing structure: £65 for 45 minute consultations. To maximise the benefits of our journey, I typically recommend weekly sessions. I’m upfront about my pricing because I’ve personally experienced the frustration of encountering coaches who aren’t transparent about their fees on their websites.

Additionally, I understand that consistent support is vital, so I provide a three-month support package at a discounted rate of £585, which includes 12 consultations. That’s getting three consultations absolutely free.

I believe in making my services accessible to as many people as possible. If you’re facing financial constraints, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’m always open to discussing alternative ways to provide you with the assistance you need because helping you achieve your goals is at the core of what I do.  

3. Do you offer online and/or in-person sessions?

Both. Online consultations are scheduled via Zoom or google meetup however in-person sessions are also available on request in London.

4. What methods do you use?

Please refer to my Process page

5. Why Choose Me Over Solely Relying on Self-Research?

Opting for my guidance over independent research is advantageous for several reasons. Self-research can often lead to confusion, and navigating it alone can be a lengthy journey. The internet is brimming with contradictory information and age-old myths.

What I bring to the table is not just support but a well-structured plan of action that I’ll assist you in executing. During our weekly sessions, I’ll do more than offer advice; I’ll provide continuous support via WhatsApp to ensure that your progress remains on track.

6. Why should I use you over other coaches?
That comes down to personal taste however what I can tell you is that I won’t be trying to sell you courses or programs, books or spam you with newsletters. I’ll offer a transparent approach and help you reach your goal by changing small things in your lifestyle that will improve your chances to conceive. I offer ongoing support via whatsapp so I am just a click away. I’m constantly researching this field and I keep up to date with what works.
7. How many sessions do we need to do before we see any results?

It takes approximately 90 days to improve egg and sperm quality. I would suggest committing to three months at least to see results.

8. Will my data be protected?
Of course, all my clients remain anonymous and any information you provide will remain confidential. There’s a consent form that we both sign that states this before we start our sessions together.
9. Do you use the same method for every client?

There are certain parameters that I use with all my clients. However, they come to me with various initial conditions, which means that the results I achieve through the parameters they follow can differ. It’s only when we start seeing results that we can begin to tailor food groups, supplements, and introduce more specific lifestyle changes.

A well-balanced diet serves as an excellent example of something that can benefit everyone, but individual taste preferences can vary. I used to find fertility diets rather bland and uninteresting. Therefore, I developed recipes that are both nutritious and flavorful, supporting follicular growth and egg development. I’m committed to customising recommendations to suit your unique needs and lifestyle.

10. Can you help design weekly menus, offer recipes and tailor these around my allergies/intolerances?
Yes. We will discuss everything in an initial consultation and I’ll provide you with what you need. We can also change things as we go if there’s something you don’t like.
11. Will your sessions help if I have a fertility condition such as Endometriosis, PCOS, PID, Premature ovarian failure, Uterine fibroids or if I’ve had miscarriages?

Of course, I can’t provide a guarantee of success, but I’ll go the extra mile to explore every possible avenue and give it my all. I’ll thoroughly assess your past efforts and evaluations and work alongside you to uncover alternative strategies that can enhance your body’s readiness for a successful pregnancy. During our free introductory session, we can discuss these comprehensive approaches and outline the steps we’ll take to maximise your chances.

12. I am going through IVF. Can you help?

Absolutely, I can provide valuable assistance as someone who has personally experienced IVF and is well aware of its intricacies. While many people assume that IVF guarantees a successful pregnancy, it’s crucial to understand that preparing your body for IVF is a vital step that can significantly improve your success rate.

Drawing from my own journey through IVF, I bring a unique perspective to our sessions. We’ll focus on optimising your health, addressing specific concerns related to your fertility condition, and making well-informed decisions throughout the IVF process. This personalised approach aims to enhance your overall experience and increase the likelihood of a successful pregnancy. Your journey through IVF will be a collaborative effort, and I’m here to provide the guidance you need.

13. Do you work with men too? What's the approach?

Absolutely, I work with men just as extensively as I do with women. My approach focuses on a comprehensive evaluation of various factors that can impact male fertility.

Firstly, I analyse past results of sperm parameters, including sperm count, motility, and morphology. This provides valuable insights into the current state of fertility and helps in identifying areas for improvement.

Additionally, I look into lifestyle and dietary habits, as these play a crucial role in sperm health. By examining factors such as nutrition, exercise, stress levels, and environmental exposures, we can develop a tailored plan to optimise fertility outcomes.

Furthermore, I address specific concerns such as DNA fragmentation, which can affect sperm quality. Through detailed discussions, I educate on various techniques to improve sperm parameters.