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Here is my story where I set out what I feel did and did not work for me.

Having spent a year trying to conceive naturally without success, I went to see a specialist who diagnosed me with low AMH, aged 34. My chances of getting pregnant naturally were very low and I decided to go for IVF.

There were various different packages available and it was possible to buy insurance that would limit the costs in case of failure. I was turned down by the insurance company – and this is when I realised just how bad my situation was, even with IVF.

I was a week into IVF when, miraculously, I found out I was pregnant. I had conceived naturally and couldn’t quite believe it. I had my three month scan where we announced to the world that we were expecting a child. I was over the moon.

Subsequently, I went for my 20-week scan. My excitement to learn our baby’s sex quickly turned to devastation during that appointment. The medical team diagnosed oligohydramnios, a condition where the baby lacks sufficient amniotic fluid in the sac due to a problem with his kidneys. I was informed that the chances of his survival throughout the pregnancy were slim, as there was limited space for normal growth. Furthermore, he wouldn’t survive after birth without functioning kidneys, leading to the recommendation to terminate the pregnancy.

My world shattered. I couldn’t believe the harsh reality they presented, but gradually, I came to terms with the painful truth. I had to go through the anguish of giving birth to my baby to end his life. Days later, I experienced a stillbirth, marking one of the darkest days of my life.

Overwhelmed with misery, I sought solace in my family’s support, but I knew I needed to escape from my harsh reality and rediscover the beauty in life. To reset my body and mind, I embarked on a solo three-week journey to Thailand, aiming to find peace and accept the profound loss I had just experienced.

I returned with a renewed spirit, despite the emotional scars. My determination to have a child still remained, and I resolved to embark on the IVF journey once more. The ticking clock weighed heavily on my mind, as I knew that my chances were diminishing with each passing day.

Given my condition, I received advice to undergo four rounds of egg batching and to freeze any viable blastocysts. After nearly a year of continuous IVF, marked by relentless appointments, blood tests, and hormonal treatments, I managed to collect only five blastocysts.

Unfortunately, four of my transfers were unsuccessful, with the last one leading to a positive pregnancy. However, at the six-week mark, it was diagnosed as a blighted ovum, a condition in which the sac remains in the body but there is no embryo inside. This resulted in two attempts at medical termination, followed by surgical termination.

The conclusion of my IVF journey left me utterly devastated. Not only had I expended a significant portion of my savings, but I had also been unable to carry a pregnancy to term.

Throughout my IVF experience, I encountered a hemorrhagic cyst, developed endometriosis, and had to undergo a hysteroscopy to remove benign polyps, conditions I hadn’t faced before. These were only the physical challenges. Emotionally, the journey was draining, and I felt profoundly isolated because I struggled to convey my feelings to my close friends and family.

After going through all of these experiences, I made the decision that my body required a reset, a clean slate, and a fresh approach.

I invested a significant amount of time researching the internet. Every moment of downtime was dedicated to finding ways to enhance my chances. I experimented with numerous methods, some of which proved ineffective, while others, I believe, brought significant benefits to my well-being.

I initiated acupuncture sessions as part of a new lifestyle, one that demanded sacrifices. Yet, I was fully aware that these sacrifices were temporary. It’s crucial to understand that any sacrifice you make has a timeframe, and it won’t be a permanent part of your life. This knowledge helped me stay motivated and remain committed to my goal.

After maintaining consistency for a few months, I achieved a natural pregnancy. Initially, I was filled with worry, leading me to opt for private monitoring during the first 12 weeks to ensure the well-being of my baby. The fear of experiencing another pregnancy loss loomed over me, but once the 20-week scan showed positive results, I finally felt at ease.

The remainder of my pregnancy, culminating in the birth of my daughter, progressed smoothly, and I can’t help but believe that the efforts I put in made a significant difference.

What began as an obsession with discovering new methods to enhance fertility eventually evolved into a more structured pursuit. I became a certified professional nutritionist advisor for fertility. Today, I assist women in transforming their lives and expediting their journey to the destination I had so ardently desired.

It’s crucial to understand that every individual is unique, and I would never discourage anyone from exploring options like IVF or other scientifically-proven therapies. In my own case, I simply wanted to ensure that I had explored every avenue to provide myself with the best possible chance. However, it’s important to acknowledge that what worked for me may not guarantee the same results for everyone.

As our understanding of infertility complexities advances, a clearer picture of what works (and what doesn’t) for different individuals will gradually emerge. In the meantime, science often operates with imprecisions, and the role of chance should not be underestimated. Therefore, I encourage you to leave no stone unturned in the hope that some effort might tip the scales in your favour.

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