Choosing the Right CoQ10 Supplement: Why I Opted for Kaneka-Q10 

When I realised that IVF was not going to work for me, I decided to do a lot of my own research to try and improve the quality of my eggs. The first time I stumbled upon CoQ10 was when I read the book It Starts with the Egg by Rebecca Fett. 

I’d never even heard of this supplement before, so I started looking into it. Not only did I discover that Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) can be a strong ally in supporting fertility, but it can also have other health benefits. The more I read, the more it became clear that CoQ10 had been thoroughly studied in clinical research, and it seemed obvious that it could significantly boost the quality of my eggs.

What many people don’t talk about, though, is which kind of CoQ10 to buy, which brands are recommended, and the differences between the various types. For a long time, I stuck with Jarrow Ubiquinol 200mg mainly because of its great reviews highlighting its absorption rates compared to ubiquinone versions and because it was mentioned in the book It Starts with the Egg. However, as I continued my research and delved deeper into the benefits of nutrition for fertility, I came across Kaneka-Q10. So here, I want to share my personal experience and the reasons why I chose a CoQ10 supplement, specifically Kaneka-Q10, to aid my fertility journey.

Understanding CoQ10 and Its Impact on Fertility

CoQ10, also known as ubiquinone, is a naturally occurring compound found in our cells’ mitochondria. It plays a vital role in energy production and acts as a potent antioxidant, safeguarding cells against oxidative stress. CoQ10 has gained recognition in the world of fertility for good reason:

  1. Egg and Sperm Health: CoQ10 is like a guardian angel for both eggs and sperm. It gives them the energy they need to mature and move gracefully. It also aids as an antioxidant, protecting the reproductive cells from the harm of oxidative damage, which can mess with their quality.
  2. Supporting Ovarian Function: For a lot of us, maintaining healthy ovarian function is pivotal for fertility. CoQ10 steps in by making sure the energy production in ovarian cells are working well, and it helps with keeping hormones balanced.
  3. Enhanced Fertility Potential: CoQ10 supplementation has shown promise in enhancing fertility potential, especially for individuals dealing with age-related declines in egg and sperm quality. It can help offset these challenges and increase the likelihood of conception.

Why I Chose CoQ10 with Kaneka-Q10

While CoQ10 on its own is known to be a fertility champion, my pick of a CoQ10 supplement with Kaneka-Q10 is all about my personal journey, free from any corporate endorsements or financial incentives from Kaneka. Here’s why I’m sold on Kaneka-Q10:

  1. Super Absorption: Kaneka-Q10 is a premium form of CoQ10 derived through natural fermentation. Its molecular structure mirrors that of the CoQ10 found in our bodies, ensuring maximum absorption and utilisation by our cells. This bioavailability means that Kaneka-Q10 is more effective in supporting fertility than synthetic CoQ10 alternatives.
  2. Quality Guaranteed:  Kaneka, the manufacturer behind Kaneka-Q10, claims its commitment to quality and purity. Their website mentions that their CoQ10 undergoes rigorous testing to meet the highest standards. Although I wanted to cross reference this with some independent studies and/or clinical trials I was unable to find anything to back this up.
  3. Rock-Solid Stability: CoQ10 can be sensitive to environmental factors like light, heat, and air, which can degrade its quality. Kaneka-Q10 is designed to resist degradation, assuring the stability and potency of the supplement over time.
  4. Backed by Science:  Kaneka-Q10 has an extensive body of scientific research supporting its effectiveness in various health areas. While there’s limited specific literature regarding its fertility benefits, it is known to support mitochondrial function and reduce oxidative stress. If it can address conditions that impact fertility, it’s worth considering in my opinion.


I feel that selecting a CoQ10 supplement, especially one that includes Kaneka-Q10, has played an important role in my efforts to improve fertility. CoQ10 is known to boost the quality of both eggs and sperm, support healthy ovarian function, and enhance overall fertility potential. As Kaneka-Q10 offers a higher absorption rate, this amplifies the benefits of CoQ10 supplementation. As for the specific product I use, it’s the Health Thru Nutrition CoQ10 Ubiquinole 300mg. I want to emphasise again that I haven’t received any compensation from Kaneka to review their product. I’m sharing this information to be transparent about the products I personally use and believe have been beneficial in my journey toward conception.

before introducing any supplements into your fertility plan, I recommend consulting with a healthcare professional to ensure they align with your unique needs and situation. With CoQ10, especially one with Kaneka-Q10, you can take proactive steps toward becoming a parent. If you need more info, feel free to book a free consultation with me.